about us

MOP has started as a one-person company and MOP-Exchange, a high-capacity/low-latency matching engine initiated. After one year, MOP was no longer a one-person company. It was a tightly knit team of devoted software engineers working long hours and building a system from the very bottom up. We are continuously improving the functionality, scalability, expandability and strength of our solutions.

Today we are honored to offer MOP-Exchange, a complete electronic trading solution. Our clients are stock exchanges, trading technology providers, and alternative trading systems. Our development teams are located in Turkey and Armenia.

We aim to provide our clients with the best solution and support to build their own markets with their own taste

we do awesome design & code


A flexible and comprehensive market solution with cutting edge technology low latency, high performance, multi asset matching engine, flexible order management system, and market data distributor that can be implemented quickly and cost efficiently

Risk management system

Evaluates risk for the broadest possible range of derivative and physical instruments with the SPAN methodology.

Matching Engine

high performance price-time priority matching engine with Extendable set of instruments; support for equities, futures, options

Trading Screens

A web based screens that makes every thing happen when a client wants to trade in MOP environment

Felexible Order Router

A high-performance order management system that features FIX interfaces, order history database and order routing to multiple trading venues (inside MOP environment or outside)

Centralized Log Server

All servers and services feed into a single log repository, making log management a truly centralized operation easy and affordable

FIX Protocol Support

Currently our order and market data gateways support FIX 4.4. The FIX protocol can Reduced complexity for involving multiple partners.

Best Features

We believe we have the golden features and this brings us enough strength to compete other providers and satisfy our customers.

awesome design

our design lets us to achieve better performance, cost effective hardware resource usage, scalability and dynamicity.

Dedicated team

Pasionated exchange technology experts that have long history of focused fintech experience.

quick support

We design mission critical and enterprise level softwares, then we believe importance of quick and efficient support.

free updates

When an update comes - bug fixes and improvement - all of our customers should receive it

Cost/Time effective

Deploy, test, configure and lunch itthen we will contact for one time payment.

Ready to join

We are ready to join with you, and do knowledge transference and develop new features in conjunction with your team.



Our flagship product, MOP-Exchange, is built upon a set of quality software components such as order management system (OMS), administrative front-end, high performance price-time priority matching engine, market data dissemination facility, trading front-end with market data charting and technical analysis tools, FIX hub/router. These components designed to work in concert to provide a fast and robust, yet flexible, asset-agnostic, multi-user trading environment.

our expert team

We are a small dedicated team of developers and IT specialists in the finance sector. We have a special interest in Market Infrastructure and MOP-Exchange is a product of that interest. we will hardly try to provide our clients in the best assist and support to build their own markets with their own taste .

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+374 93 58 28 30


London, United Kingdom:

Kemp House, 160 City Road, EC1V 2NX